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The objective of our Advanced Sales Courses is to provide the participants with new tools, techniques, methodologies and principles that will help them increase their sales performances and develop a new vision of a brighter, happier, richer and more stimulating career.

This is accomplished by:

  • Re-defining the concept of "job" into a new concept: MISSION
  • Stimulating a powerful self learning process
  • Increasing professional self awareness
  • Increasing the ability to understand clients' needs
  • Increasing technical sales competence
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Being able to speak to an audience is a highly rewarding skill in today's economy.
Business gurus like Steve Jobs (Apple's Ceo) have built their legendary fame upon brilliant presentations, most of which can be found on Youtube.

We are living in the era of communication: Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin - all these online networks and forums are virtual spaces where you are likely to find your last presentation without even knowing it was recorded.
What would happen if the presentation was just mediocre?
What would happen if the presentation was outstanding?
Both cases can have a strong impact on your career.
Our course is designed to make your next presentation or speech OUTSTANDING!

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Our world needs leaders. And effective leaders need charisma and communication skills to be truly effective.
Leaders are individuals that are willing to take responsibility for their actions; they can generate inspiration and motivation in others; and they stand on the frontlines of change whenever it needs to occur.

The good news is that these are not "God given gifts", but are behavioural qualities that can be learned and developed with the proper training.
To help others develop charisma and effective communication skills we have created a 4 day course that will enable you to have a solid foundation upon which you can build your charisma and communication skills, developing these vital qualities and allowing you to take them to the next level.

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In-house training works particularly well for those medium and large organizations that, whilst developing a specific training program, aim to consolidate:

  • Company culture
  • Team work
  • Coherent communication style

Prior to accepting a corporate training assignment, we must ensure that we understand and share our client's values, objectives, and needs.

We tend to conduct more than one session and more than one coaching program with our corporate clients because as our vast experiences shows, as we become familiar with the teams we train and as they start looking at the trainer as a person who understands them, the level of involvement during the training sessions dramatically increases and, ultimately, the performance of the attendees improves.

We specialize in the areas of Sales, Charisma & Communication, and Public Speaking, and we consult with companies in the areas of Sales Management and Script Book Writing.

We have worked with companies like Gucci, Al Tayer Group, Damiani, Luxottica, Al Jaber, Al Ghurair, National Bonds Corporation, Armani, Swarovski, De Beers and many others.

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